hey this is evan editing for bekah, who apparently is a gangster now named tripple b? lol i dont know but yteah she’s really cool she’s just a bit…how should i say…mixed up. you see she thinks gay things are cool, ie: trendycore stupid music and emo xanga layouts.
butg it’s okay, i know on the inside she knows it isn’t cool that EVAN IS A PUNK, EVAN IS A PUNK

I love Evan Sayer Bratcher, Matthew Cole Munson, and Kevin Mitchell Parks!!

~Triple B


What is your full name? Rebekah Michelle Wilson
Nicknames? Triple B, Bekah the Great, Bekah like whoa, Precious
Single or taken? Taken
Sex? no thanks lol um im a girl
Where do you live? texas nigga
Sex or ice cream? ice cream duh
What color underwear are you wearing right now? lol cute colored polka dot ones
What are you doing right now? listening to music
What was the last thing you did?? um…listened to music haha
What is right next to you? a fone
Who was the last person you made out with? no one
If you were a toy, what would you be? hmm…no idea…something fun that everybody loved
Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? somewhere on an island
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? haha well…right now im going out with richard and hes amazing so maybe him…but then again im only 16 so idk
How many people do you have on your buddy list? 226
How’s the weather right now? its night so idk
Last person you spoke to on the phone? ummmm…i think richard
Last person who IMed you? whitley
Last person you IMed? evan
What’s your ring tone? the mexican hat dance haha
What do you think a toblerone is? a yummy chocolate bar
hair? huh? yes i have hair…its blonde
What are you wearing right now? matts old (my new) underoath shirt, jeans, and converse
Do you wear contacts? no but i wish i did
What school do you go to? grace prep *sigh* i wish i went to martin
Do you own a vehicle? yes a ranger truck
Have you ever won a special award? yeah i think so
What are your future plans? to become an interior designer and have a family
Last film you saw at the cinema? The greatest game ever played
Did you actually watch it? yeah but i fell asleep during the beginning
Fave day of the year? my bday
Are you too shy to ask anyone out? yeah haha
If you could change your  name to anything, what would it be? probably brooke
Have you ever been in love? no
Do you like scary or happy movies?? happy ones that are funny…comedy/romance movies
Christmas or Easter? Christmas
Lust or love? Love
Kisses or hugs? Hugs
If you could change one thing, what would it be? idk the way certain ppl acted
What color are your pajamas? i dont really have pajamas…i sleep in shorts and a tshirt
What color is your toothbrush? clear haha
Fave part of the opposite sex? their eyes
Whats the first thing you think of when you wake up? richard
Roller coaster: scary or exciting? EXCITING i love them
How many times do you let the phone ring before you answer it? 3
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? Jesus
Fave quote? idk
Zodiac sign? sag.
Half empty or half full? half empty
Whats your fave number? 5
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? dude dp all the way baby
Mud or jelly wrestling? haha neither but i guess mud cos its not as sticky
Skiing or snowboarding? never done either one…but maybe snowboarding
Day or night? night
Summer or winter? fall haha
Silver or gold? silver
Diamonds or pearls? diamonds
Sunrise or sunset? sunset
Have you ever broken a bone? no but i almost did once
Do you hate anyone? YES

ok so that counts as an update.  im too upset to post for real so w/e

ok so my computer is so alive again.  Im so excited.  yay to jesse for leaving me 100 comments…that made me happy.  and yay to matt for leaving me comments w/o me telling him to.  you guys are very special!

so yay last night was like my most favorite night ever…the school day was terrible because of um…certain people, not saying who because supposedly the gpa administrators read everyones xanga.  lets just say…certain teachers seem to hate me.  anyhow, um yeah so i got to see my boys.  I hung out with evan alot, and then w/ matt for a few minutes before we left, and rich at church, and kevin when we picked up rich…yay for them.  and i got to see my girls too.  yesterday i got to see laurie, and taylor, and becky and erin…forgive me if i didnt mention u…im a little tired haha.

so its very cold outside…if u people havent gone outside today…you are being deprived because it feels wonderful out there haha…now it makes me feel good to say i live in texas…fall in texas is the best…mmmm…i love it like whoa.

well im gunna go…so all u pretty people should leave me comments…if u do ill love you very very much.

Well Bekah is most def sick.. sadness i know!

maybe she deserves a sno cone *cough-richardbringherasnocone-cough* haha

um so yeah, she missed out on school today. lucky freakin duck

her computer is dead! that’s why she cant update *duh*

SO here is a scary story that happened forever ago

So ok i spent the night at her house and i was so tired so i went to bed before she did, well like i randomly was like “Katie’s at the gate” and she was like “what?” and i was like “Katies…at…the..gate” and she was like “what?” and i was like “KATIES AT THE GATE” and she was like “katies at the gate?” and i was like “AH NEVERMIND” now many of you people would be like “whoopty do, fantastic story” but i was asleep when i did that and she swears on her life that i had my eyes wide open and like staring at her. It sounds like a freaky horror movie or something but i don’t remember doing that. How she lets me in her house still boggles the mind

haha well i have nothing really to say

so leave oodles of comments for her to read

later days


ok sooooooo…thanks for the comments.  dang every time i turn on the radio now its always got a song i like…and kiss fm is playing better songs now…sorta but not really.  “i got soul but im not soldier” YES i love that song…102.1 baby hahaha.  yeah so anyway, im drinkin dp rite now and i just had mcdonalds…so good.  yesterday i got to see…OH FEEL GOOD INC. IS ON NOW…OOOOOOOO WUT NOW?! yeah ok…but yeah i got to see rich, matt, and laurie.  rich is so sweet!!!  i love being w/ him.  wow my hair looks good today yay.  ooh matt kiss fm is talking about 50 cent.  haha saying that hes pissed off every rapper.  uh-oh haha.  wellz i want it to be saturday…sorta…cos im tired of this week.  but i think i want it to be today for forever.  i feel good…i look ok for once…i have like no homework…and im home alone!!!  yay!!!  well ok im gunna stop typing and add a song to my playlist dahaha