I so cant wait till next year.  WHO WANTS TO GO TO MARTIN WITH ME?!  lalala im so tired of being at this skool.  its just too hard.  i hate reading and lately the homework has been “reading reading reading” i have partial dyslexia come on reading isnt my thing.  anyhow…yeah i wanna go to martin.  cos the sooner i go there…the sooner i can graduate…and the sooner i graduate the sooner i move in with………..LAURIE!  yeah thats right…its gunna be awesome…going to uta and have sleepovers…every night.  man we’re so gunna stay up till 6 every night…as usual.  blah…but yeah uh im in journalism and im tired of typing here so adios


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  1. WOo! heres a great big welcome to the public school system, wooot. Its one big partay, lol I wish. Hope you make lots of new friends and stuff at your new school and yeah! Nice to see you are still alive 🙂


  2. Hey, its Sebastian. Your site looks nice. Come see me. I also would like it if you stopped by and saw all my friends. (espcially Miki and Kat or DarkFariePrincess and crash_xx). ;p

  3. I love my song too! haha good for us. I am not doing anything this weekend, WOOHOOOOO and there are movies I want to see and all that great stuff 😉

    lots of love !


  4. :[ i dont want you to go *cries ten thousand times*
    anyways yes LAURIE is whom you will roommate with or however you say it :]
    so i havent commented your xanga in a while so i thought i would

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