[The Basics]
First Name: Bekah
Date of Birth: 12/15/88
Nicknames: Bek, Tripple B, Rebeekie, Rafiki, idk…many others
Where were you born? Fort Worth
Are you Male or Female? soy una chica
What time were you born? 3 pm
Astrological Sign: sag.
Job? none
Where do you live right now? Arlington
Eye Color: blue, green, gray, silver a mix of 2 or more…its complicated
Describe your hair: blonde (even after i dyed it brown), medium length…kool i guess
Height: 5’7”
Righty or lefty? both
Heritage/Race/Nationality: white?
Innie or Outie? innie
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: straight!!!!
Tattoos: none
Piercings: 1 in each ear

Where were you born? All Saints Hospital
What day (ex: April 7, 1987)? December 15, 1988
What time? …3 pm
Is there anything that was weird about your birth? nope
How old were you when you started talking? idk i dont remember
What was your first word? um idk
Who was your first best friend? leigh anne
How did you know each other? preschool
What was your favorite thing to do with them? play house?
What hospital were you born in? #1 up there ^
What was the first house you lived in? this one
Did you have more boy friends or girl friends? girls
Did you play with Barbies? ohhhh yes
Did you play with Lincoln Logs? whaty whats?
Did you play dress up? yup…every day
Did you play house? ^
What was preschool like? fun
What was kindergarten like? even more fun
Did you suck your thumb? no
Did you watch Barney? *sigh* yes…that annoying dude
Did you watch Blues Clues? when i could
Did you watch Power Rangers? i wasnt allowed to…”too violent”
What are some random memories? idk
Where did you grow up? here
Did you have an imaginary friend? no
Did you like to dance? yes…to jamberry jam
Did you take dance classes? yes
Do you still live in the same house that you grew up in? mhm
Do you still live in the same town? yeeeah
What were you deathly afraid of? “b-u-g bugs!”
Were you ever mean to other kids? no i was the reject
Were other kids ever mean to you? yeah ^
Did you have a babysitter? sumtimes
Did you go to day care? no
Did you ever get really hurt (physically)? uhh no?
Were you abused? nope
What did you do on a typical day? played with neighbors
Do you wish you were still little? kinda but not really

Do you want to go to college? YES
Where and why? uta…cos its the best engineering skool around
What would you major in? interior design
Do you want to get married? mmmhm
Do you want to have kids? YES OMG
If so, how many? 3
What would you name them? michael, nicole, and brooke…i just talked to laurie about this…how weird
Where would you want to have your honeymoon? the caribbean
If you got married, would you keep your last name? nah…i wish i could tho
What do you want your first pet to be? A DOGGIE!
What would you name it? um idk maybe max? or jason?
What jobs are you interested in? right now? clothing..
Why? cos i like clothes…is that a crime?
Where do you want to live and why? texas…to be close to my family (lame i know but o well)
What car do you want? a mustang!

Drinks: dp, root beer, cream soda, orange soda, sprite, and bawls
Foods: chicken and pizza
Movie: uhm…idk? prolly skool of rock…i never get tired of it
Book: the bible and advice books
Disney Movie: too hard…prolly lion king…or aladdin, orrrrr cinderella
Actress: i have too many so dont ask
Actor: ^
Color: pink and black, red, blue
TV Show: supernatural
TV Channel: wb 33
Computer Game: the sims
Video Game: ctr
Board Game: monopoly?
Card Game: hmm…nertz?
Video Game Console: no idea
Amusement Park Ride: the titan…i think
Mall: i like the parks…but i also like the one in sausalito
Amusement Park: six flags…i wanna go to the great america theme park in CA tho
Cereal: too many
Genre of Music: punk rock
Genre of Books: teen advice
Genre of Movies: comedy/romance
Song: sic transit gloria – Brand New
Music Album: idk
Pizza: mushroom, black olive, pepperoni
Music Artists: Brand New
Car: mustang
Radio Station: 102.1
Cartoon Character: simba!
Disney Character: ………simba
Winnie the Pooh Character: tigger : )
Animal: doggy
Salad Dressing: ranch…i say it like a texan…like “ray-inch”…its funny when u hear my uncle say it “rahnch” (hes british)
Item of Clothing (ex: shoes): band shirts haha
Soda: way up there ^
Flower: roses, sunflowers, hibiscus
Milkshake: banana
Burger: a regular one? …w/ cheese
Font: alot
Shampoo: herbal essences
Popsicle: the ones w/ cream
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip…along w/ many others
Holiday: christmas
Gadget (ex: ipod): computers and stereos
Type of Food (ex: italian): italian and american
Conditioner: garnier fructis
Quote: too many
Teacher: Miss Suzy
Mexican Food: ewww
Chinese Food: uhh wantons? orrr um the sweet and sour pork
Italian Food: lots
Pie: pecan
Vegetable: okra!!!!!!!!!
Language: english…duhr…but i cant even talk it good
Bottled Water: dont care
Fruit: pineapple
Cake: strawberry or vanilla
Candy: chewy mini sweetarts
Day of the Week: friday and wednesday
Month: december and may
Berry: cherry?
Cheese: american
Guy’s Name: Michael
Season: Fall
Number: 5
Sport to Play: volleyball
Sport to Watch: hockey
Stuff to do on the weekend: hang out w/ friends
House you’ve lived in: this one…or actually…the one i imagine ill live in
City: too hard
State: hawaii
Country: the usa
Magazine: seventeen, or teen, or m, or j-14
Girl’s Name: Brooke
Shape: trapezoid…or octagon
Letter: M
IM Phrase: ….

Mom’s Name: Jan
Dad’s Name: Mike
Siblings’ Names/Ages: Sarah-15
Do you like your siblings? yeah
How many siblings do you wish you had? 1 hehe
Favorite Family Member: my dog…lol then yeah my sister
Are you the oldest, middle, only, or youngest? oldest
Would you change it? Why? eh no…cos i get to experience everything first…and she gets to be jealous dahaha
What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender? idr
What jobs has your dad had in the past? electrician…like he is now
What are some of his hobbies? sports
What does he do for a living now? electrician
What was he like in high school? idk…alot of girls liked him but he looked like a total dork
Where did he go to college? uta : )
Where is he from? tyler texas
What jobs has your mom had in the past? like a billion
What are some of her hobbies? like none
What does she do for a living now? nothing right now
What was she like in high school? weird
Where did she go to college? idk she went to like 3 different ones and then quit
Where is she from? idr where she was born
Which side of the family do you like better? well…i would say my dads…but id rather not answer this question…my family is too screwed up to know anymore
Which parent do you look most like? my dad i guess..but i look more like my aunt
Which parent do you act most like? my dad
Which one is the better chef? my mom
What are your grandparents’ names? Norma, Helen, Jim, and Dwayne ( but he recently died 😥 )
What are your parents’ siblings’ names? My dads bro, Steve (JERK) and my moms sis, Mickie
Are you an aunt/uncle? nope
Where does your extended family live? anywhere but here
Are your parents still together? yeah
Are you adopted? no
Pets: sammy : )

[This or That]
Windows or Apple? uhhh
Computer Games or Video Games? computer?
Christmas or Halloween? christmas!
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? lunch
Cloth Napkin or Paper Napkin? paper
Caramel or Fudge? fudge
Whipped Cream or Cool Whip? whipped cream
Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla
Summer or Winter? both
Fall or Spring? fall
Day or Night? night
McDonalds or Burger King? mcdonalds (even tho my bf works at burger king)
Hot or Cold? neither >.<
Ice Cream Cone or Bowl? CONE!
Europe or Asia? europe
Santa or the Tooth Fairy? santa hehe
Smooth or Chunky PB? both
AIM or MSN? aim
Bikini or One Piece? bikini
Movie or Microwave Popcorn? movie…deffiniately
Rock or Rap? rock
Burger or Hot Dog? burger
Nike or Adidas? nike
Britney or Christina? ….both need to die…like…NOW
Opera or Play? play…i hate opera
Movie or TV? tv
Sweet or Sour? sweeeet
Dog or Cat? dog
Xbox or PS2? uh dunno
Rain or Sun? rain
Snow or Storm? storm
Beach or Mountains? beach
Love or Lust? love
Black or White? what kind of sick question is this hahaha…its like the movie i saw today…like a quote in there yeah idk…its from the family stone
Blue or Red? blue
Pink or Purple? pink
Thunder or Lightning? thunder
Turtle or hamster? hamster…theyre soft
Full or empty? full
Messy or neat? messy
Black pen or blue pen? black
Cheetos or Fritos? cheetos
Bird or Bunny? bunny
Paperclip or safety pin? safety pins are fun
Scotch tape or duct tape? scotchy scotch scotch

[Opinions & Why]
Abortion: bad
President Bush: good
Rap: ….
Rock: : D
Country: x.x
Murder: : O death sentence
Suicide: stupid ppl
Terrorism: evil
Christianity: the right way
Communism: no
Global Warming: idk
Gay Marriage: STUPID
Obesity: gunna get worse than smoking
Virgins: theyre kool…
Teenage Parenthood: well…they shouldnt have messed around
Premarital Sex: thats how teenage parenthood happens
Pornography: sick
Britney Spears: the definition of pornography
England: where my uncle is from
Dogs: cuuuuuute
Cats: ugly
Canada: HOTT
Steroids: gay
Yankees: eh
Nazis: suck
Paris Hilton: sucks worse
Lindsay Lohan: oh gah
Hilary Duff: wth?!

[Have you ever]
Been in love? yup : )
Kissed someone of the same sex? my mommy and my sister
Kissed someone of the opposite sex? yes
Had sex? no
Met the president? nope
Watched porn? hah no
Prank-called? yess
Been prank called? yeah on halloween sum1 goes “wheres all the cheerleaders” and hung up i was like “uh….gay”
Been to a factory? yes
Made a scene in public to get your way? yup
Cried over a movie? hahaha yes
Met a celebrity? yup
Bungee jumped? no
Sky dived? no
Been scuba diving? no
Snorkeling? yes…hurt myself doing it too
Skipped school? yeeeah
Done something sexual with an animal? EW
Been to an amusement park? heck yeah
Been to a fair? mhm…good memories
Been to Disneyland? no : (
Been to Disneyworld? NO : (
Been to New York? not yet
Been to Microsoft? haha random…no
Been to LA? yes…i love it
Been to Hawaii? yes…i love that more
Been to the Grand Canyon? no
Been to the Coral Reef? no
Been to the Eiffel Tower? want to
Been to Venice? want to
Been to Europe? want to
Been to Africa? too many diseases
Been to Canada? want to!!!!!!
Been to Mexico? yes
Been to the Middle East? no way
Been to Asia? no
Been to Australia/New Zealand? want to : (
Been to Antarctica? hahahaha no
Taken dance lessons? yeah
Cut yourself? no
Contemplated suicide? yeah hasnt everyone?
Attempted suicide? well…i tried to drown myself once…but decided not to
Killed someone? no
Gotten held back? no
Said “I love you” to someone besides a relative? yess
Gotten engaged? not yet
Gotten married? no…4 years
Asked someone out and been rejected? no
Been asked out? yes
Been dumped? no
Dumped someone? no
Worn a uniform? yeeeeah
Worn a sports uniform? mhm
Made yourself throw up? no
Had an eating disorder? for a few days yeah…i was so hungry
Won a game of bowling? yeah
Written a love letter or poem? mhm like a ton
Had surgery? no
Been to overnight camp? lots of times
Been to day camp? ^
Been in a car accident? sorta
Wet your pants? when i was like 1
Snuck out? yeah
Made out? yeah
Broken the law? yeah haha good times
Done drugs? nope
Smoked? no way jose
Drink? yeah
Been in jail? no
Played spin the bottle? lol no
Played seven minutes in heaven? no
Started a fire? um…candles?
Walked into a glass door? *sigh* yes
Been to a circus? yeah…with grandpa *sniff*
Dated a teacher? eww gross
Liked a teacher? no
Been on TV? no but my uncle has haha
Been on the radio? yeah
Been in the newspaper? no?
Seen a living penguin? as opposed to a dead one? …yes ive seen a living penguin
Been robbed? almost
Played with Barbies? *coff* till i was 14 lol
Climbed a tree? yeah
Fallen from a tree? almost
Participated in a science fair? yeah had to
Broken/lost/stolen something important to someone else? *sigh* yessssss…just recently actually…but i bought him another one…sry kevin
Been to the zoo? hehehe yes
Shoplifted? a flower…and a shopping cart
Built a tree house? no
Been in a tree house? yes
Been snowboarding? no
Been skiing? no
Been to a baseball game? yes
Gotten a root canal? no
Gotten a cavity? yeah when i was little
Gotten an F? on a test and stuff yeah
Been home-schooled? no
Gone to boarding school? no
Been kicked out of a house (yours or someone else’s)? nope
Faked sick? haha yeah only like a thousand times
Broken a bone? no
Fainted? yes
Shaved? yes
Waxed? yes
Gone tanning (in a bed)? no
Dyed your hair? yes
Been to a counselor? no
Had a shot? yes

[Last time you]
Traveled: 1 week ago…for a funeral
Ate: cheerios
Drank: cranberry apple juice
Slept: yesterday
Listen to music: earlier
Went to school: friday
Saw a friend: today
Said I love you: tonight
Were embarrassed: uh idk

[For a billion dollars would you]
Jump off the Empire State Building onto a giant pillow? no
Eat a whole human brain? EWW
Kill your parents? no
Kill your best friends? no
Kill the president? no
Shoot your foot? no
Stab your eye out with a paperclip? no
Drink a glass of coagulating blood? ewwwwwww no
Get AIDS? no
Perform at a strip club? lol no
Eat a bug? yeah *ew*
Gain 50 pounds? noooooo
Go to school naked? no way
Give up your hearing? nu-uh
Give up your eyesight? ….no
Shave your head? no
Get hit by a bus? no
Agree to die in five years? no

[Last person you]
Saw: sarah
Spoke to: sarah
Kissed: richard
Ate with: myself
Sang with: evan lol
Hung out with: richard
Shopped with: christy and sara
Laughed with: richard
Studied with: myself
High fived: uh…matt?
Liked: richard
Loved: ^
Bit: ^ hehe…i bit his tongue…we decided to experiment dahaha
Licked: richard
Rolled your eyes at: idr
Talked to on the phone: richards mom
Imed: laurie
Traveled with: my family
Last songs you listened to: idk…alot

am: tired
want: to sleep
wish: i was asleep
have: to go to sleep
hate: skool
miss: richard
fear: being too tired tomorow
hope: i can finish my journalism homework by thursday :
listen to: the wind *shivvers*
hear: ..the wind
search: nuthn
wonder: when this survey will end
regret: that i started this thing
am wearing: a fall out boy shirt and pj pants
love: richard
ache: to see him again
eat: nuthn
drink: nuthn
am not: insane
dance: when i feel like it
sing: when i want to
cry: when i need to
write: when i have to
win: when i can haha
work: blah
lose: most of the time
confuse: everyone
need: richard
should: be asleep
watch: the screen
play: you

[In the opposite sex (or same sex)]
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Hair length: doesnt matter
Curly/Straight/Wavy/etc: doesnt matter
Clothing Style: kool
Fat or Skinny? average
(Girls) Skinny/Muscular or Big/Muscular: muscles!
(Guys) No Makeup or Makeup:
(Girls) Boxers or Briefs: boxers : )
(Guys) Bikini or Thong:
(Girls) Abs, Arms, or Legs: arms
(Guys) Boobs, Butt, or Legs:
(Girls) What sports? None or any
(Guys) Muscular or Flimsy?
(Girls) Video games or no? eh
(Guys) Athletic, Punk, Prep or Geek?
(Girls) Speedo or Trunks? trunks
(Guys) Bikini or One Piece?
(Girls) Jeans or Shorts? jeans
(Guys) Jeans or Skirts?
Tall or Short: taller than me
Punk or Prep: punk
Smart or Dumb: average

Current School: Grace Prep *blah*
Past schools: Park Springs
Favorite school: Park Springs
GPA: my skool…lol no I really don’t know
Favorite Class: math
Least Favorite Class: history or english
Best Class: math
Worst Class: right now its history
Do/did you like PE? No…unless it was free day
Grade Level: 11th
Mascot: lions

[Love and All That Jazz]
Have you ever been in love? yes
Who was your first crush? David
First love? Richard
First kiss? ^
Have you ever had sex? no
How many times? never
…or will you wait until marriage? yes
Do you think you’re slutty? Hahahaha im so not answering this

Do you think you’re prude? Hmm?
Are you taken or single? Taken ohhhhh yeah
Who was the last person you liked? Richard
Who do you like right now? ^
Who was the last person you went out with (not out of pity, force, etc)? ^
What was your longest relationship? ^…4 months
Have you ever been liked/asked out by someone you were totally not into? yes
Have you ever cheated? nope
Have you ever been cheated on? nope
How far have you gone? Uh idk the bases lol
Is flirting cheating? Its cheating in ur heart yeah



14 thoughts on “”

  1. hey sorry i didn’t go today…i actually got sick…so yeah how about the same time and place next tuesday? well let me know if that will work for you…ttyl

  2. O.k. sorry i didn’t go thursday either…i’m still not feeling to good, but hopefully i will be tuesday(the 24th) is there any way we can change the time from 11:40 to 1pm. My bros want to go to and my mom doesn’t want to drop me off and then have to go get my bros. The free swim for little kids doesn’t start till then…but on the week days is usually pretty quiet and the lanes are open. well let me know…oh and that dance class thingy…do you have to sign up for that? well laterzzz

  3. ok i’ll try….it will take a lot of begging my mom…lol ….whut time are you swimming?….cuz i don’t know if i want to do that dance thing.

  4. what a flippin long survey
    isn’t that a song in um….princess diaries is it? and like the stuck up girls are like singing on the beach and they are like “stupid cupid, why are you picking on me???” or something
    ahha i’m a nerd
    love ya

  5. I know…i just can’t go until like 1…i will be there this thursday at 1pm though…yeah you prolly did see my mom and bro cuz they were there…but i had to stay home with my other bro cuz he was sick….well hopefully i’ll see you on thursday!!!!! laterzzz

  6. Sorry….i ended up having a family meeting so that kinda screwed plans up for swimming….but i will be there on tuesday at 1pm!!!!! see you then! ~Katie

  7. Dude, i went to the gym on tuesday at like 1:20 and you weren’t there…lol…its funny cuz i couldn’t go for a long time and now you can’t…we will get to swim one of these days…lol …laterz

  8. aww man…i can’t got today. i got another one of those family things going on…but i will be there tuesday! see you then!

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