do you ever wish you could just take a glance into the future…just to see where you would be about 10 years from now.  To see if you really married the guy you thought you would, or have the job you really wanted, or if you have kids…and what they look like.  To see if you got accepted into the college you really wanted to go to?  I sure do.  I used to feel so sure about the future.  How come all of the sudden I dont?  Why do I feel this weird empty spot inside.  I hope I find out soon…cos i hate this feeling…and i will do nething i can to stop it.


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  1. Hey! I got that same feeling too…you are not alone!!!! Well it was great seeing you today…very unexpected but still great! I think i’m going to swim thursday around 12:30 or 1ish so yeah you should come. The instructor guy today was confusing the heck out of me today with all that swimming equipment. I think i might take the classes just so i can figure it out, but i don’t want to go by myself so i think you should take them too…well let me know whut you think!!!!! see you later! -Katie

  2. Um..idk. This is too confusing. call my cell 817-734-4154 and let me know whut your mom and her friend decide. Cuz i really don’t like swimming by myself. That instructor i was with today was saying that the lifeguard girl that was in there with you doesn’t swim and i was like whut do you mean she doesn’t swim? shes the freakin lifeguard…and he was like well lets just say she doesn’t like too. so yeah please don’t drowned or anything cuz that lady isn’t gonna save you. crazy stuff…well laterzzzz

  3. ok someones got issues.i really wouldnt want to look into the future cause it would prolly ruin the present which would suck.newayz hope u fix ur problem.k l8er
     o and u owe me a new shirt lol

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