oh yes…i get yet another ear infection.  ive had about like 50 in my lifetime now…no joke.  oh theyre so much fun.

but anyyhoo, funny thought. me and laurie were talkn on friday. and we thought itd be funny if ppl had thought bubbles over their heads all the time…that showed what they were thinkn about. so like…if ur out w/ ur bf and u start thinkn about another guy, u just start wavn ur hands above ur head tryn to clear ur thought bubble. and then ur bf is like “why are you gettn rid of ur thought bubble?” and yeah…itd just be weird. or u could be thinkn bad thoughts during skool and get sent to the office. its like the teacher goes “he was thinkn about his dog humpn his cat” and itd be perfectly normal to say…i guess. but ud know everythn every1 was thinkn…all the time. itd just be wayy weird. im glad ppl dont know what ur thinkn. if they did…dang…we’d all have no friends.

but yeah im tired and im gunna listen to music. hopefully ill feel good enuff to go to richs house tomorow.

Yi LoVe YoU, rIcHaRdY


5 thoughts on “”

  1. Oh-em-gee I know! I was like holy crap I’m gonna be a hundredonaire.  I make up the weirdest words I know. How was your Christmas? Give me details. Oh and you’re definitely gonna be shocked by my next entry I think….keep it real homie. LOL JK.
    Peace out,Loren

  2. I love you.
    you are the only thing that really matters to me. you sre sll i want or need. you have become a part of me. im happy when youre happy, im sad when youre sad. you are all i think about. i cant describe how much you mean to me. you make my life worthwhile. you are my life. everything i do is for you. healthy or not its the truth. i coulndt live without you now.you are more precious to me than life. my mind is engulfed in you. seeing you makes my day. you light up my life with your smile. holdong you gives me a peace i have never felt before. i could never stop loving you. i love you so incredibly much its beyond words. i feel what you feel. i cant be happy unless you are. i cant be happy without you. you are a part of me now, and that will never change.
                                                                 With all the love i have

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