How wrong do these pics look?

<shes eating corn…it was a headline haha jay leno was like “u can bet shes got a date every night”
 <showin how big his “melons” are lol jay said that in the article the guy said “my wife and i worked on growing these melons together”

lol yeeah…and heres sumthn funny for all u ppl who arent laughing already…haha its sad tho:

<read the first letter in each of the 7 lines.

and then yeah…this is for the ppl who LOVE “elf”:

there u go…i have nuthn to say really…so there u go…thats all for now

go here and here

for straylight run…listen to the 2nd and 3rd songs.  they’re GOOOD!


8 thoughts on “”

  1. Hey I’m Kevin…Loren’s boyfriend.  So I’m guessing you’re Nikki? Nice to meet you…through xanga anyway.  She talks about you a lot.  You seem like a good friend to her.  Alright take care and God bless.


  2.  WOw.
      i am  like in love with  your xanga Sn .
      ” save the drama”
      i absouluty hatteee drama
      Its so GAyyy And pointless..
     – – meee

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