Hooray!  One more day of skool till Thanksgiving break!  oh i most definitely can make it.  DNow is this weekend too.  haha its so funny how ur life can change during 1 year.  last year when dnow came around…i liked 2 guys: tony and jordan.  the first nite of dnow, tony lied and said that his dad had died , and i had realized i didnt like jordan anymore…as a crush…just as a friend .  and i hadnt met or even heard of rich .  now, tony’s in jail  (who cares) and jordan and i dont talk  (lol) and im in LoVe w/ richard .  But anyhow, now instead of me thinkn about tony all weekend…ill be thinkn about rich and how much i miss him.  but i get to see him sunday!  anyway, christmas is comn up and im sooo excited about that!  yay for early christmas musiq hahaha.  well im off…ill leave u w/ sum pics of: AWESOME guys dancing like pansies!!



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  1. haha u’re so pimpin with those colors that you put in ur xanga entry. but yeah i think im going to get a new computer for christmas. butttttttttttttt i dont know why im telling you this cause ur like standing right next to me and you just put a cow mooing right next to my ear and you know what i just thought of? you know how some kids call their milk “moo moo liquid” or moo moo milk or something like that. welllllllllll i never did that. oh and i am sooooooooooo going to make a house with sticky ceilings so that way whenever someone loses something they other person can say “well, did you look on the ceiling yet?” HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. that made me laugh for like hourssssssssssss and yeah i dont know why im adding extra letters to everything but i guess its just to add to the dramatic effect of the awesomeness of laurie. mhmm. mhmm. andddddddddd of course i see becky commented me right before i did. as always. notice how i didnt add extra letters to as haha i’ll let you think about that one.
    ~Love your darling LAURIE

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    its funny when pansies dance
    it makes me laugh
    weeeell i hope ur having a good holiday and that ur cousins arent tourturing you out of ut MIND!
    i lover you
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  3. hehehehehehehehehehehehe i went to your xanga to look at those pictures and the song came on too. mwhahaha.
    me you and some other people seriously have to memorize that dance. it would be way cool.

  4. Hey I’m Kevin…Loren’s boyfriend.  So I’m guessing you’re Nikki? Nice to meet you…through xanga anyway.  She talks about you a lot.  You seem like a good friend to her.  Alright take care and God bless.

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