ok ok ok…so becky is hott..but not as hot at me

…that was becky

so anyway…wednesday was fun i guess. matt brought me dp, pez, pretzels, and gave me a couple bites of his “steak n taters”.  ohhhh gosh…becky is using my *ahem* “sex toy” and she just goes “ohh…this is wonderful!”  and i was like WHAT NO. but yeah inside joke…shes a dork. i like my bawls.  we’re singing to chicago now and jesses lookn at me like im a FREEEEEAK!  but oh well…thats just cos i am.  but yeah um hmm…idk what to say.  last saturday was osm…i went to see a movie…with rich and laurie and matt.  and it was fun…especially…*ahem* the movie.  yeah idk…but btw the legend of zorro is GOOOOOOD!  i love it!  but yeah tonite im takn becky and jesse to a hockey game hooray…im gunna go now tho…byebye

~~~Tttrrriiipppllleee Bbb~~~


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  1. haha that is very neat! micah…. u’ll notice im very bad at remembering things. last name? i know too many micahs. school isnt that gr8 for me either. but like u, im passing so its all good! i miss living down on andalusia (sp). i like my friends here but if i still lived ther i’d get to go to skool with all my church friends and with my boyfriend. that would be niiiice. so howz matt been? thats so kool that u still talk to eachother. i havent seen him in… god knows when. im glad u found my site!


  2. aaaaahahha remember becky, jesse, and garret shaking their hips from across the street? ahhh that was great. i’ll always remember that.
    and i dont know why i’m leaving you a comment cuz i see you like 24/7 anyway.
    ok bye.
    bow chick bow wow!

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