hey guys.  yeah i wish i could go back to yesterday morning and redo the entire day…and NOT write hayden christensen’s name on my hand…and not order pizza.  and not tell becky she couldnt ride w/ us…cos kevin didnt go and she couldve gone with us.  which btw i wouldve known if he had called tuesday and said he wasnt goin…but oh well.  she still got there.  and yeah becky im soooo sorry…but dont worry uve got A BUNCH of friends that love you!  so yeah the only good part about yesterday i guess was that i got mitch back and i got to see my brother.  yeah i guess thats basically it.  matt got me and laurie candy…and he got me bawls again…gosh i love that boy.  hahahah i never knew i could be as close to sum1 as i am with matt.  i love my big brother.  hes such a sweetie.  thanks for talkn to me last nite hi hat…it made me feel sooooooo much better.  ur the osm-est!  i love you!

lol im gunna be a nerd and say sumthn thats from the book we’re “readn” in english…all u guys haha tell me how much u love me and ill split my land among you.  yeah that sounded gayer than i thought.  haha but yeah nvm…dont do it…cos yeah its gay and it just sounded funny.  i know how much you all love me.  and i love you all beyond words!  so yeah gaw idk what id do w/o u guys.  specially matt and becky.  id be like…dead w/o yall.  yeah well i have no homework n i skipped journalism today so i have nuthn do to at all today…so i guess im gunna go…ttyl bye

-=Mitch w/ a B=-
^^lol remember matt?


7 thoughts on “”

  1. bekah! hey hey girlie-wirlie! sorry i’m on ALOT i mean ALOT of niquill so I can’t think right. we need to hang out most definitely. well ta ta….ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta. yeah…i’m going to sleep now. bye.

  2. WHAT I CAN NOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT LEFT YOU A COMMENT (holding down shift key and pressing on the numerical key one, he leaves and exclamation mark at the end of this sentence)!It feels like its been months since we have spoken, these times do not hesitate (he places a period at the end of this sentence to convey an end of thought and proceeds to press enter creating a new line for a new stream of conscience).

  3. I will tell you at school why he is called a jarhead. I think it would be easier to explain. *lights a ciggarete*mmmmmmmmmmm nicotine!! J/K!

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