wow…matts such a girl…kevin calls him “skirt boy” lol…yeah wow…matts silly.  but i love him.  so yesterday was fun.  i got to see my boyfriend hah i never get tired of that word hahaha.  i like him so much.  but yeah he wrote me a note and omg it was sooo sweet!!!  well i want it to be tomorow…cos im goin to six flags w/ sarah, alex, and jon!  partay!!  and then on saturday prolly a movie and then on monday partay at my boys’ church!  yay!  im happy haha.  but um yeah i gtg and do homework.  so i luv u guys.  oh oh and btw…matt got me bawls yesterday and i was so surprised.  thnx matt…i love stuff like that.  ur very thoughtful…i love you! mwah!  lol well yeah im gunna go…adios!

*_* Tripple B *_* lolol


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  1. wow ur never taking a pic of me again on that camera, seriously everyone u have taken of me on that is distorted and frikn ugly, im like ah yucl, im serious my face is like distorted haha, but it is a cute skirt :P…. hmm but yeah football time, yuck im not ugly, really! lol…  but i gtg woot  football!  byee  ❤ u

  2. Hey Bekah! I’m sorry about school. Mine is kinda like that….i’m two days behind…oh well…ttyl ~Katie   oh yeah and we need to hang out soon…myabe for holiday in the park or something! anywazzz…bye

  3. hahaha oh dear…matt looks a little too good in a skirt lol…i’m jp. i think i’ve known him since i was like, 8 and i’ve never seen him in a skirt untill now. but i always knew he wanted to wear one
    well lucky you if you get to go to cca tonight. tell matt and kev i said hi ok?
    lol oh matt…..he’s such a dork

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