Dont u just hate it when ppl u dont even know that well have a problem w/ u talkn to sumbody? i sure do…

anyhow…i thought id update and write about the fair *yay* well laurie spent the nite on friday and we stupidly stayed up till 3 in the morning…knowing that we had to get up at 6 45  so that wasnt much fun getting up.  then i drove to the church and me and laurie were basically dead.  then we went to the coffee haus thing and they had nuthn good so yeah…i got skittles haha.  then…dude we had the most fun group at the fair…we had rich, laurie, matt, kevin, and david.  and then l8tr we had josh and alyssa.  lol we got there and i gave matt my purse to hold so he had to go thru the security check w/ a purse…that was hilarious.  and yeah then me and laurie were like “we’re girlfriends now” and matt and kevin were like “FINE” and they linked arms and started skipping off.  so laurie was like “lets skip too” so…we did.  ppl laughed at the 4 of us.  it was fun. then we rode the space roller (matt and laurie skipped that).  but haha kevins kool cos he talked me into that.  then we went to ride the UFO and me and matt tlked during it.  then we went and ate lunch at this weird restaurant.  kevin decided to be really silly and made everyone laugh.  first there was this random elvis statue and he was sitting on a stool by the fireplace.  and kev goes “yeah…thats how elvis died.  ppl have it all wrong…he realy died by falling into a fireplace!”  and i laughed my butt off. then after we ate david holds a package of crackers out to kevin and goes “cracker?” (sounding really funny coming from him) so kevin goes “sure” and pounded the package and then poured it in his mouth.  i guess sum got stuck in his throat cos he started choking and rich goes “kevins over there snortin crackers again” and kevin started laughing and coughed the crackers up.  then he was like gah and took a drink of dp and david goes “u needa lay off the happy” and kev spit the dp all over the table!!!  then i put 2 straws in my mouth and i was like “look im a walrus” and kevin took the straws and put them in his mouth and he goes “dare me to get on the floor by another table and pretend to be a walrus” and we were like YES and hes like ok…so he got down on his knees and had the straws in his mouth and started clapping and going “or-or-or-or” like a walrus.  they gave him the weirdest looks ever…he laughed so hard that he fell outta his chair and i almost did.  that kid cracks me up!  then we went to a bmx show…that was pretty kool.  then kevin tlked me into ANOTHER ride called the booster.  and omg that ride is better than any other ride on this planet.  it was osm…thanks kev.  while we were up there hes like “dude i can see my house from here…no…wait a minute…im an hour away from home” haha hes REAL smart!  then we did sum other stuff and while ppl went to the auto show me, kev, david, alyssa, and sum other ppl went to ride rides.  we rode the xtreme haha kev and david were playing paper sissor rock until the ride got kooler.  and then we rode the space roller again…and then the booster again haha.  mucho mucho fun.  then we went to the imax to see a show about sharks.  b4 the movie started the voice goes “if u get scared just cover ur eyes and it will allllll go away” so during the film…b4 the movie…which was about dallas i was like “NO SCARY” and i covered my eyes…rich laughed at that haha.  and kev and david did that during the dolphin scene.  i luv those guys.  then afterwards me and matt started spinning randomly and yeah it was fun…we both like fell on the ground and were like “whoaaaa” and yeah then me and laurie started spinning and we kept falling…so we quit.  then we went to the laser show and me and rich got to like cuddle or w/e…it was fun haha.  and yeah matt and laurie were and alyssa and josh were too…so kev and david were left and kevin was like “yeah we always made sure we had like one foot length in between us” haha making sure they werent gay or w/e.  and then we left and me and laurie linked arms again so matt and rich linked arms and were like “yall left us for EACH OTHER so we’re doin the same hah”.  yeah that was funny we were like “yeah w/e”.  and then we got sleepy and every1 had to leave…but me and kevin and david first rode this fun ride and screamed our lungs out!  afterwards kevin sounded like shaggy…it was funny.  i had sooooooo much fun saturday!!!  but yeah this is wayy too long now so im getting off…hope u had fun reading it bye


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  1. so, i’m thinkin that YOU ARE SO LUCKY!  i can not believe you got to go to the fair with kevin and richard and matt and i wasn’t there. that is so wrong, cause i miss them so much! so it sounds like you had a super fun time. I actually read that whole thing but i almost stopped cause i started missing kevin too much lol. he is so funny…and awesome!
    hmmmmm have you ever heard “Swing life away” by rise against? if you have, do you like it?
    well my darlin’ i’m off to do homework

  2. holy crap that was long, but i still read it, omg u only talked about me like twice… psh, o well… but hmm im about to go to the fair again hahah woot, so hmm yeah i guess i should stay or should i go, lol *dum song* sry…. haha let me know, should i stay or should i go, boom pop boom pop boom pop… omg i wana go to lunch with my g pa but no we r goin to the fair, gah, stupid @#$@#!@#$@#%%&$&! fair…. lol, i wanna get lunch with my gpa i wanna i wanna whaaa,  …. lol hmmm hmmm mmmm, what to eat,   ur mom? nah, …. tastes like chicken, i want a hot dog, lol…. but yeah hmm mom and dad they quite dont understand it, all the kids they laugh just as if they planned it, why do gurls wana pierce their nose, why does matt wanna eat my mom which tastes like chicken, whoa how did that get there, haha ok well i just woke up so im a bigger dork than usual if thats possible,  so this is the longest comment I have EVER left anyone so feel sepcial sis, I LOVE U~~~ pC $$$*

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