ok so my computer is so alive again.  Im so excited.  yay to jesse for leaving me 100 comments…that made me happy.  and yay to matt for leaving me comments w/o me telling him to.  you guys are very special!

so yay last night was like my most favorite night ever…the school day was terrible because of um…certain people, not saying who because supposedly the gpa administrators read everyones xanga.  lets just say…certain teachers seem to hate me.  anyhow, um yeah so i got to see my boys.  I hung out with evan alot, and then w/ matt for a few minutes before we left, and rich at church, and kevin when we picked up rich…yay for them.  and i got to see my girls too.  yesterday i got to see laurie, and taylor, and becky and erin…forgive me if i didnt mention u…im a little tired haha.

so its very cold outside…if u people havent gone outside today…you are being deprived because it feels wonderful out there haha…now it makes me feel good to say i live in texas…fall in texas is the best…mmmm…i love it like whoa.

well im gunna go…so all u pretty people should leave me comments…if u do ill love you very very much.


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  1. yeah i know, the test was killer. can we like study the day before the test together at like starbucks or something. i need serious help on these things. anyway, what song was playing? i like all of them that are on there whatever one it was.

  2.  ya hey haha i guess ill go next time….IF theres enough room lol.ya who said hi 2 me from the back neway?i didnt recognize her but i didnt say so cause i didnt want 2 seem stupid lol.but ya newayz i ttyl

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