Well Bekah is most def sick.. sadness i know!

maybe she deserves a sno cone *cough-richardbringherasnocone-cough* haha

um so yeah, she missed out on school today. lucky freakin duck

her computer is dead! that’s why she cant update *duh*

SO here is a scary story that happened forever ago

So ok i spent the night at her house and i was so tired so i went to bed before she did, well like i randomly was like “Katie’s at the gate” and she was like “what?” and i was like “Katies…at…the..gate” and she was like “what?” and i was like “KATIES AT THE GATE” and she was like “katies at the gate?” and i was like “AH NEVERMIND” now many of you people would be like “whoopty do, fantastic story” but i was asleep when i did that and she swears on her life that i had my eyes wide open and like staring at her. It sounds like a freaky horror movie or something but i don’t remember doing that. How she lets me in her house still boggles the mind

haha well i have nothing really to say

so leave oodles of comments for her to read

later days



107 thoughts on “”

  1. 100YAY FINALY HERE!!*puts on a tights and a cape with 100 printed on the chest and begins saving coupons*What? I’m not Superman!! Do you really expect me to save the world or something? I hope your day with Evan is SPECTACULAR. I am eggar to meet him! I will see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sweet Dreams!! Fare Thee Well!

  2. holy mother of red bull y’all have too much time or no life haha, probly both but its ok God still loves y’all lol  and wow bekah i got so many mo skeet oh bites its not even funny n n n um mmmm lemme c idk if im comn to ur church today oe lauries or if she is comn to ur church or wat… ah travis rox, woo hoo,  mmm milk…. ok r u hungry or cold , do u need a hot dog and a blanket, lol nvm that its a quote, but yea c u soon,

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