ok sooooooo…thanks for the comments.  dang every time i turn on the radio now its always got a song i like…and kiss fm is playing better songs now…sorta but not really.  “i got soul but im not soldier” YES i love that song…102.1 baby hahaha.  yeah so anyway, im drinkin dp rite now and i just had mcdonalds…so good.  yesterday i got to see…OH FEEL GOOD INC. IS ON NOW…OOOOOOOO WUT NOW?! yeah ok…but yeah i got to see rich, matt, and laurie.  rich is so sweet!!!  i love being w/ him.  wow my hair looks good today yay.  ooh matt kiss fm is talking about 50 cent.  haha saying that hes pissed off every rapper.  uh-oh haha.  wellz i want it to be saturday…sorta…cos im tired of this week.  but i think i want it to be today for forever.  i feel good…i look ok for once…i have like no homework…and im home alone!!!  yay!!!  well ok im gunna stop typing and add a song to my playlist dahaha


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  1. hey wut up! thx 4 da comment, go bekah its ur bday gona party like its ur bday lol… so yea today is gona roK… so uh yea mhm i love diamonds and guns lol so yea im about to go to the mall and get sum clothes so later sisturr

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